Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Braids - Bridal Hair Trends for 2012

Whether you are planning on a laidback, bohemian bridal hairstyle, or you'd like to add a little something to a simple up do, the loose braid is worth considering. With so many styles of plaits and braids weaving their way through the hair of red carpet divas this trend simply cannot be ignored.

So Feminine 
Simple yet Elegant

If you need some help with your wedding day hair, please make sure you ask ... as we have some of the BEST people at our finger tips. Those divas on the red carpet will pale in comparison to you on your wedding day - I DO promise this to you! :)

Amanda xx

Friday, September 16, 2011

Where has the time gone ....

I got a call today from my insurance company congratulating me on 2 successful years of business at my location in on Murray Street. I stopped and thought to myself - my gosh -  has it been 2 years already? and because we like to celebrate EVERYTHING InStyle did we really just miss an opportunity to drink champagne? Okay, well that in itself is just wrong, but where has the time gone? seriously?!

I had a specific vision in mind for InStyle and all the related companies that fall under the InStyle brand. Balance InStyle, Weddings InStyle, Events InStyle & new birthed I Do InStyle. Nothing like Weddings InStyle & Events InStyle existed in Ottawa at the time. I saw precisely what I wanted it to look like in my mind.

I called up my friend Fried Kemper who is a broker, and told him the crazy idea I had dreamt up and told him to take me building shopping.  He kept trying to convince me on other spaces that were off the beaten path and of course in a more appealing square footage bracket ... but I knew EXACTLY what I wanted, and the blank canvas that I needed to work with. He showed me MANY before I fell in love.

The minute I walked in ...  I just knew. This was it!! This is where I would create MAGIC.

Most of the people that walk into 107 Murray think that I clicked my ruby red heels and volia! Instant chic venue! Not the case. I took possession in June and I opened the doors on September 5th, 2009.  Let's take a little trip back in history shall we?

Main room a few weeks into construction
Main Room After Construction
My Office Before/During Construction
My Office Today :)
Framing In Kitchen
Kitchen After
InStyle As You Know It Today!
It's hard to believe that we have hosted over 100 Weddings & Events in the past 2 years. Weddings and Events are our expertise, this is what we do. We have done the homework so our client's don’t have to.  The caterer’s food is tasted, the baker’s treats are savored, the florist’s creativity is inspected, the photographer’s images are gushed over and the DJ’s vibe is heard. We have had the privilege to meet and forge relationships with some of the BEST vendors that Ottawa has to offer. You need a recommendation - we have a long list of amazing vendors from dresses to transportation. Don't be shy, ask. 

If we haven't had the opportunity to meet, please feel free to drop by. ( Call first so you aren't walking in in the middle of a ceremony) :)

September 5th, 2011 marked our 2nd year anniversary. Happy Anniversary to us and THANK you all who have supported us, promoted us, visited us, live and on Facebook, gotten married with us and allowed us to host you InStyle! We appreciate each and every one of you & we couldn't do what we do without you!

Amanda xx

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wedding Trends for 2012

So, if you're planning a wedding in 2012 here's what we discovered the top trends to be. 2012 is the year of Romance. From the dress to the decor, think - dreamy,  whimsical, soft, THINK love.
Bridal Gowns - What says romance more than Victorian-style. Expect Victorian flair with lots of corsets and soft layered ruffles. Colors are also expanding with this beautiful light sage green and with more muted earth tone colors below. Soft and flowing elegance with textures of colour palettes. Short is also making a come back! 
               Check out these two gowns from MoniqueL'Huillier's 2012 Collection  

Themes - More than a color palette  themes are carried through from the invitations to the flowers to the linens right over to the dessert table. Some popular themes include: Vintage, Rustic & Nautical. Creativity knows no bounds, so pick a theme that reflects you as a couple. Some of the hot colours for 2012 are red cherry and lime, coral and grey which is always beautifully subtle.  Hot pink, chocolate mocha browns with soft pinks, tiffany blue with pale aqua, different shades of orange and of course black is the new...black: You can NEVER go wrong with black ... sheer elegance and sophistication are always created with the use of black. 
Venues - Natural settings are hugely popular for the beauty and ambiance that they provide & the minimal decor that is required.  Also all in one venues are hugely popular. The convenience of having your guests in the same location for ceremony and reception is a hit for EVERYONE.
Pets - YUP! You read it right. Incorporating your family pet into the ceremony seems to be a trend right now and we see it carrying on well into 2012. There are lots of ways to involve furry (or feathered) friends in your celebration, whether in a formal role as the ring bearer or flower dog, or simply as an honoured guest. We have had 3 ceremonies in the last few weeks alone where their dogs have acted as ring bearer. It is fun, out of the ordinary and something that will leave your guests talking .. Especially if he/she performs on queue. Obviously, you need to find a pet friendly venue - of which Weddings InStyle is proud to say WE ARE!
Dessert Tables - Gone are the days of only having a wedding cake.Today, couples are offering up their favorite desserts and making them a focal point of the night. From pies to cupcakes to cookies, to candy bars it's a buffet of beautifully displayed flavors, colors and options that every guest will be sure to enjoy.

Good Night Station - Couples now are combining food and favor into a fun, interactive station for their guests.  Buffets of pastries, doughnuts and candy, AND providing guests with a goody bags & boxes to go.
Faux Flower Decor - Whether paper, fabric, tissue or feathers; Bouquets, centerpieces & pomander balls aren't just made from fresh flowers anymore and are used in non-traditional ways. They are fun, fresh AND inexpensive!

Personalized DIY decor - This is not a new trend but continues strong as many couples are getting crafty and showcasing their personalities. The creativity is in using 'found' and natural elements to create centerpieces, escort cards, guest book alternatives, photo booths, favors, table numbers & decor.- WE LOVE IT!

Happy Wedding Planning!!
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Until next time ....