Monday, April 22, 2013

Megan & Wayne Married InStyle - A Sweet Love Story

After dating for eight years and engaged for only a short four month on March 30th, 2013 
Megan and Wayne said I Do! at Weddings InStyle!

Their love story is a "sweet"one and began in 2004 when they met each other online.  When they  decided to finally meet, it was in our neck of the woods in the Byward Market at Sugar Mountain. "Let's meet and look for each other" she said. They both have a serious sweet tooth and a weakness for chocolate so meeting at Sugar Mountain was the perfect start to their sweet love story.

Megan and Wayne are as close as close can be. They are frankly inseparable. From daily commutes to and from work to spending every other waking minute together this played beautifully into their wedding day. "A wedding day goes by so quickly; so why not spend as much of it together as possible?" Megan said in response to us asking her why they choose to see each other prior to their vows. They wanted to be there to help each other get dressed into their respective wedding attire. Calming each other's nerves and just enjoy every single second was top their priority. #sigh #soromantic

The butterflies were flying from the moment they opened their eyes on March 30th and they are still a flutter today.

After a mere 4 months of being engaged they knew they didn't want to wait any longer so on they went to planning the perfect day and into Weddings InStyle they came.

Easter week-end was the perfect weekend because everyone that they wanted to celebrate their love with WAS available. So in a short 5 weeks the most amazing wedding was pulled together flawlessly. 

What makes this wedding SO special is these two were completely and utterly PRESENT. You can just feel their love in these few pictures.

What we at Weddings InStyle LOVE to do with our couples is offer up our "Little Black Book" of amazing vendors and we LOVE it when it is a match made in heaven! 

With Love Bridal
Flowers Talk
Flowers Talk
Findley Foto

The Details:

Wedding Venue: Weddings InStyle
Wedding Officiant: Weddings InStyle Jillienne Currie-Payant
Photographer: Findley Foto
Flowers: Flowers Talk
Fascinator & Jewellery (Earrings & Necklace): With Love Bridal
Dress: David's Bridal
Groom's Tuxedo: Tip Top Tailors
Bride's Black Shawl/Wrap: Handmade by a Friend of the Bride
Facebook Love: Weddings InStyle

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's TIME to cast your Votes!! 2013 Wedding Industry Awards!

In 2012 Weddings InStyle was honoured with 3 awards from the Weddings Industry Experts. We won BEST venue under 150 in Ottawa, in Ontario, in Canada and we placed 3rd in the WORLD! We are SO thrilled with these bragging rights that we DON'T want to loose them! :)

With your help we can retain the rights again this year. Let us tell you about the award.

Wedding Industry Experts is a unique website that is uniting the wedding industry by recognizing vendors who excel in their fields in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

There is no Judging Panel 
- Instead of appointing an arbitrary panel of judges to pick winners, the Wedding Industry Experts Awards is a TRUE peoples choice Awards. 
We personally LOVE this because it means anyone can vote for the vendors they love. The results will show who is the most popular choice in each category by city, state/province, country and internationally.

We of course see that some of our fellow colleagues in the industry are also being recognized for their fabulous efforts (We supported their nominations by clicking thru and voting for them too!) Because we at Weddings InStyle believe one should NEVER be so busy side eyeing everyone else's blessings that you can't see YOURS staring you in the face! 

We believe in CELEBRATING not HATING because there's MORE than enough fabulous to go around!

What we particularly LOVE about this award, is much like the Brides Choice Award that we won in 2011, 2o12 & 2013 - is the fact that it is 100% driven by people JUST like you who want to honour and express gratitude for the great service they received or are receiving.

Click Here to cast your vote. Voting closes at midnight April 23rd, 2013. Just follow the link and click to vote.... Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. BEST PART: you don't have to leave your email address or fill out any form just click away. They use cookies and IP Address tracking to ensure only one vote per person per day is recorded. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your support means everything to us and inspires us to continue to do what we do InStyle!

As always - the action happens on Facebook - so why not join the party there? 

Inspire. Love. Dream. Share. Grow. Together!!!

Much Love,
Weddings InStyle team!