Friday, July 6, 2012

Great SUMMER special for Couples!

We just read a survey performed by the Wedding Channel that stated that 42% of couples went over budget for their wedding. This obviously can cause serious problems and undue stress. We find it interesting that about 70% of couples don't know what their wedding budget even is. Tip #1 decide on a budget for your wedding. One that you BOTH can be comfortable with and won't put you in debt for your first few years of marriage. 

We at Weddings InStyle want to help you get married InStyle and stay within budget. If you book your wedding with us from Monday to Thursday, we will discount selected wedding packages by 15%. This promotion is only in effect for the summer, expires August 31st so book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 

In addition to booking your wedding with us at Weddings InStyle from Monday to Thursday, we’ve got some other cost saving tips for you:
   Use our chic free custom invitation to send electronically and    save on invitations, RSVP cards, and postage
    Share your wedding details online thru social media - set up a custom FB Wedding Page
    Save on décor – Weddings InStyle is already beautifully pre-decorated
    Get married in the morning or early afternoon – that way your food/beverage bill will be considerably less expensive.
    Have a cocktail reception 
    Serve a signature drink only and have a cash bar
    Use flowers that are in season
    Choose larger blooms – you’ll need less of them 
    Buy shoes that you can wear again
    Have a mini dessert stations with a variety of treats 
    Bring your ipod loaded with all your favourites in place of hiring a DJ.

Have a look at some of wedding packages online or call us for a custom quote and we can take 15% off the price of selected wedding package from Monday to Thursday. Our packages our flexible and totally customizable.

Looking forward to marrying you InStyle.