Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tips from the master himself ....Colin Cowie

The day of your wedding needs to have a rhythm and flow that takes guests on a journey, with a carefully thought-out beginning, middle, and end. It can only happen if everyone is in sync; the ceremony needs to begin on time, the caterer ready when it’s time to eat, and the music cued and ready when it’s time to dance. It doesn’t just magically happen—it requires thought and planning so everyone is literally on the same page, working from the same schedule of events.

Whenever brides ask me what the single most important aspect to their wedding is, I always have the same reply, and it's one that doesn't cost a cent, and that's timing. We have all been to weddings where the bride kept everyone waiting for the ceremony, where the cocktail hour lingered on and on, and an hour later, still no sign of dinner. In the end, the party never got going and half the guests slipped out tired and bored before the cake cutting.

Unlike a "regular party," a lot of things have to happen at a wedding: aside from just a ceremony, there's a cocktail hour where most likely photographs are taken, then a reception with the bride and groom being announced for the first time as husband and wife, then there's a first dance, a welcome speech, a meal to be served, toasts given, a father/daughter dance, and a cake cutting. The trick is to make sure the next activity takes place before anyone looks at their watch. Doing so brings a sense of production value to your party that keeps things moving along.

As always, there's more to come!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chic Event Venue

You already that Weddings InStyle is the intimate alternative to weddings in the capital, but did you know that we have another company called Events InStyle where we host a variety of events and functions?

We are experts at organizing and executing all types of events. We plan events that are a reflection of your personal style and we customize them to meet individual your needs. Whether you are hosting an intimate cocktail reception or a gala, you want a unique and unforgettable (for the right reasons) experience. No matter the theme we create flawless events that are representative of the hosts. Hosting your event at Events InStyle means your special function is guaranteed to be unique, chic and memorable. 

We have coordinated distinctive functions for organizations of all sizes; from small VIP dinners to large-scale corporate events. Our experience with top vendors enables us to recommend venues and service providers that will meet your specific needs. From invitations to decor, catering, performing artists, lighting and audio-visual equipment, we will orchestrate a seamless event at which you will surely feel like an honored guest.
Events InStyle’s setting offers a blank canvas upon which we work with you to create whatever look and feel you desire – modern, urban, romantic or elegant. Our 2000 square foot open concept event space features exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, granite bar, attractive lighting, state-of-the-art audio and stylish decor to suit any event.

Whether you’re looking for a simple cocktail party with a few close friends and family, a reception for 120 or a private dinner to impress your most important client, we can do it all… InStyle. Our event space has professional state of the art surround sound to add that little extra hint of you to your event. You can bring your own ipod with your music of choice or use ours. Let us help you take your next Event to another level… InStyle.
At Events InStyle we customize each affair and provide you with a chic and upscale palette, so you can create the look and feel that will make your event stand out. We are fully turnkey
and have all the support, resources, vendors and staff available, so that your event runs smoothly and is remembered by all.

 2,000 square ft
 Accommodates 100 for cocktails
 60 seated and served
 Central air conditioning
 Fully equipped kitchen
 Conveniently located in the heart of the Byward Market
 Warm brick walls
 Polished hardwood oak floors
 Adjustable spot lighting
 High loft-style ceilings
• State of the art multi-zoned Paradigm
 Audio Technologies sound system compatible with iPod
 32” flat screen compatible with computer/CD/DVD for presentations/slideshows
 Wireless microphone available
 T1 internet access
 Conveniently located, easy access to mass transit
 Hotels within walking distance

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Perfect Solution for the Discerning Couple

You aren't the same as everyone else, so there is no reason your wedding should be.  
Weddings InStyle is nestled in the historic Byward Market. Where old-world charm meets modern amenities. Your guests will be surrounded with natural sunlight, exposed brick, hardwood floors, a very New York Loft feel. Here, you are free to relax and enjoy the festivities while our professional kitchen and state-of-the-art A/V system run smoothly.
Every wedding is different. The furnishings, decor, colors and lighting change to make Weddings InStyle uniquely yours for your celebration.
As featured in the January issue of Ottawa Home Magazine

Weddings are our expertise, this is what we do. Our work is like no other in the wonderful world of weddings. We have done the homework so you don’t have to.  The caterer’s food is tasted, the baker’s treats are savored, the florist’s creativity is inspected, the photographer’s images are gushed over and the DJ’s vibe is heard. 
Cake Tasting With Matt from "It's a Matter of Cake" YUM
Multiple Delight tastings with "Auntie Loo Weddings"
They offer Vegan & Gluten free options - SOOO GOOD!

Wine is sampled ( secret we are working on our own label )
Food is sampled in our very own kitchen.
Flower vision is conveyed

In todays fast-paced, your greatest commodity is your time. Time is precious.  To find your perfect home, you work with a Real Estate Agent.  To plan the trip of your dreams, you work with a Travel Agent.  To add an extension to your home, you work with an Architect.  To have your dream wedding, you work with a reputable Wedding Coordinator.
We are the intimate alternative to weddings in the capital. We are a full turnkey wedding chapel and event venue located in the heart of the byward market. Regardless of the size of your ceremony we will help you celebrate InStyle. Our location opened in September 2009 and we have hosted weddings from 2 – 120. We are passionate about what we do, and no two events are ever alike. We hold one event at a time, as we are dedicated to you and your guests completely. Our professional team pride themselves on impeccable service, attention to detail and flawless presentation.
We will be with you from the beginning, until the end, calmly taking care of all the details, such as scheduling, deliveries, logistics, vendors, guests and general troubleshooting.  We offer peace of mind, enabling you and your family to fully relax and treasure each and every moment of your wedding, with the knowledge that experienced coordinators are with you every step of the way.   Last minute changes and sudden unforeseen situations always happen but you will be none the wiser as they will be discreetly taken care of, while your day unfolds effortlessly.
By entrusting your important day to Weddings InStyle, every detail will be addressed in our quest to maintain a legacy of extraordinary service.
Regardless of your budget we can help you celebrate InStyle. We look forward to meeting you soon.