Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are you addicted to everything InStyle!?

Do you love weddings?  I mean, really really love weddings?  Do you have OUTSTANDING people skills, a eye for design, an ability to multi task, and are willing to take direction?  Do you have a contagious personality, a zest for life, and strong customer service ethics?  Do you have a flexible schedule and 20 hours a week available to commit to learning all about what it takes to run successful weddings and events?  Are you longing to get your feet wet in the world of weddings & special events?  If so, you may be the ideal candidate for an internship position with Weddings InStyle & Events InStyle.
Our goal is to provide an outstanding  stress-free experience for our clients. Our services and products are affordable luxuries. We are in the process of launching a fourth company, rolling out new marketing initiatives, and increasing our brand awareness.
This is an incredible opportunity to gain valuable real world experience to determine if being a wedding/event planner/designer is the right career for you.  Please note that this is an unpaid position but hours are very flexible in regards to scheduling. Our internship program is difficult to enter due to the high volume of applicants, but the experience is unparalleled. You will be involved in as many events throughout the year as your schedule allows, and you will experience the same level of exposure to event planning and coordination as an assistant coordinator for each of the events.

A certificate will be awarded upon internship completion, and a letter of recommendation will be available. (College credit may be available depending on your school’s requirements).  If interested in this exciting opportunity please submit resume with cover letter to info@weddingsinstyle.ca We thank everyone for applying however due to the high volume of interest, only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.
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Save money on your wedding music ....

Eliminating the DJ and having an "iPod wedding reception" CAN save money, BUT it takes more than just cuing up a playlist to pull it off successfully. Here are a few tips to help you.

We are asked all the time, how couples can save money on their wedding and where they can SAFELY cut costs?
One way to save money on a wedding reception is do-it-yourself music using a laptop, iPod or mp3 player. This can save about $600-$900 on the wedding budget, and also guarantees that the music played is a true representation of the couple and their musical tastes.

“Music is the universal language of mankind”

However, eliminating the band or DJ and simply cuing up a playlist does not guarantee things will go smoothly. After considering if an iPod Wedding Reception will work for you, follow these steps to it pull off InStyle.

Selecting the Wedding Reception Music
Prepare enough music to fill the entire time of the reception, downloading songs for the different parts of the reception, like cocktail and dinner hours, and slow and fast dancing. Also make sure to download special songs for the spotlight dances.
Keep in mind that music played throughout the evening should appeal to most of the guests. Pick songs for the wedding reception from a variety of decades and genres, from slow to fast songs. It’s better to have too much than too little music prepared.

Setting up Playlists
Once downloaded, arrange the music into playlists, and listen to make sure they flow well. In iTunes, go to “Preferences,” select “Playback” and adjust “Crossfade” to make sure one song will seamlessly fade into the next. - This step is CRUCIAL otherwise all the levels will be off and some songs will be louder than others...Basically as the song ends the volume lowers, it's just a way to make things sound better and the transition to the next song smoother.

Suggested Songs for a Wedding Reception Playlist
Depending on what is planned, playlists for the following are needed:

 Cocktail hour
 Introduction of the wedding party
Dinner hour
•First dance, bride & father, groom & mother
•Dance music that appeals to everyone – more slow songs, oldies &
Upbeat dance music for later in the evening 
The last song

Introductions and Announcements
Ask a friend or family member in advance to fill the role of the “emcee.” Make sure this is someone who can be trusted. Depending on the formality and size of the wedding reception, this person’s duties would include any or all of the following:
 Introducing the wedding party and anyone giving a toast
 Announcing when it is time for dinner
 Announcing first dances
Announcing the last song so guests are not caught off guard when the lights go up.

Be sure to give the emcee a script for the introductions, listing in order of introduction each person's role in the wedding, name and relations to the couple of each person.
In advance of the wedding day, create a timeline for the reception, and share this with the emcee, the wedding party and anyone giving a toast. During the reception, let these guests know at least a few minutes in advance when they need to line up for introductions, make their toast, gather for the wedding party dance, etc.
During the Reception
Select someone in advance to help keep an eye on the dance floor and rearrange songs if necessary to keep guests dancing. Having a designated person to do this should discourage other guests from tampering with the music.
Preparing for DIY wedding reception music can take a lot of time, effort and careful planning. However, if pulled off successfully, it can not only save some money but also create many memories for the bride, groom and their guests.

Don't forget the basket of flip flops to keep your guests comfortable AND dancing. 

See an earlier blog for some cute ideas on pulling this off InStyle

Happy Dancing!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A few sweet words to wrap around your finger ...

This is a trend that I think we need to go back to .... Getting wedding rings inscribed. Inscriptions can be just about anything that's meaningful to you as a couple: secret codes you share, lyrics from a song that means a lot to you, favourite saying, a private joke or even a reminder to "Put It Back On!"

Will make you smile every time you take it off

Below are some amazing ideas for wedding ring inscriptions to inspire you & your beloved.

A Deal Is A Deal
A Perfect Fit
All My Heart
All My Love, All My Life
Always And All Ways
Always Faithful
As You Wish
At Last
Baby, I'm Amazed By You
Beautiful In My Eyes
Better Part Of Forever
Body, Mind And Heart
Bound To An Angel
By Your Side
Can I Keep You?
Circle Of Love
Circle Of Trust
Committed to you
Constant And True
Don't Hope, Believe
Dreams Do Come True
Endless Love
Everlasting Love
Everything I Do, I Do It For You
Faithful & True
Finally Complete
First My Heart, Then My Soul
For All Days
For All That Is Good
For All Time
For Ever And A Day
For My Greatest Love
For Time And All Eternity
For You Alone
Forever Entwined
Forever Mine
Forever Thine
Forever Together
Forever Yours
Forget Me Not
Given With Faith, Hope And Love
Grow Old Along With Me, The Best Is Yet To Be
Heart · Mind · Body · Soul ·
Here Is My Heart, Guard It Well
His (wife's ring)/Hers (husband's ring)
How Do I Love Thee
I Am The Luckier One
I Belong to You/You Belong to Me
I Choose Us
I Choose You
I Could Not Ask For More
I Finally Found You
I Found Love, And Love Was You
I Have Nothing More To Give You But My Heart
I Knew From The Moment I Met You
I Live For You Loving Me
I Love You More
I Melt
I Only Have Eyes For You
I Promise You Forever
I Wanna Know How Forever Feels
I'm Amazed By You
I'm Forever Yours, Faithfully
In Heaven, Too, You Will Have My Hand
In My Mind And Heart
In Perfect Love & Perfect Trust
In This Life I Was Loved By You
It's Been You All The Time
I've Found All I've Waited For
Joined As One
Let Us Be One Til We Are None
Life Has Begun
Love · Faith · Honesty
Love Conquers All
Love For Love
Love Is All You Need
Love Knows No Distance
Love Me
Love Of My Life
Love Without End
Love, Honor, Cherish
Lovers Forever
More Than Yesterday, Less Than Tomorrow
My Fated Soulmate
My First, My Only
My Lady, My Lover
My Life Began With You
My Life, My Love, My Center
My Love Will Forever Encircle You
My Love, My Life, My Friend
My One And Only
My Soul Will Keep Thine Company
Never To Part
Not For Pawning
Now And Forever
Now I Am Complete
Oh The Places We'll Go!
Once Two, Now One
Once Upon A Time
One Love, One Lifetime
Our Love Is Fate
Put It Back On
So Will My Love Forever Encircle You
Someone To Watch Over Me
Sparkle Of My Life
The Answer To My Prayers
The Beginning Of Forever
The Best Is Yet To Be
The Other Half Of Me Is You
Til Infinity Plus One
To Eternity And Beyond
To The Moon And Back
Today And Always, I Belong To You
Today, Tomorrow, Forever
Two Bodies, One Heart
United As One
We Fit
What The Eye Saw, The Heart Has Chosen
Worth The Wait
Wrapped Around You Forever
You Are Home
You Are The Reason
Yours Unfailing

Be creative, think ahead to when you are apart and the smiles it will bring to your face when you remove your ring to see those few little words reminding you of your true love. Bet you wont be able to get your rings back on fast enough!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Carnations Lavish? Come on!? Really?!

Before today I never would have thought that carnations could look so lavish. And, after seeing these images I can assure you that you will be a huge carnation fan, too. I know they have a bad reputation. But believe me, carnations are the new sensation!

Inexpensive & Classy Centrepieces

There are a few things that make carnations very attractive for weddings... first and foremost, they are easy on the pocket compared to other types of flowers. If you are a bride on a budget they are a beautiful cost-cutting solution.  Second, they come in hundreds of natural vibrant colors: purple, pink, red, orange, cream or blue shades. Plus they can be artificially colored, as well. And last but not least, they last... once carnations are in full bloom they can stay fresh and fragrant for up to 3 weeks! If you choose carnations for your wedding decor, here is the trick to make this budget-friendly flower look like a million bucks... use carnations in lush groupings of the SAME COLOR. With a little creativity and the right amount of style, sky is the limit with carnations. Take a look at these gorgeous carnation arrangements and see what I mean.
Chic table decor
Elegance - Rich with a touch of bling.
Breathtaking Centrepieces - It's all in the details - notice the white floating feathers ...

As you can see, carnations look fabulous as centerpieces. But they can also be incorporating in other aspects of your wedding...Use them in your bridal bouquet

A Little bling goes a long way
Gorgeous full bouquet

And don't forget about the details. We love this carnation bed as escort card seating and these carnations favor boxes. 

Sweet favor boxes
Nice Twist On Escort Cards
Hard to believe that these were all made with carnations, but they were! Who said you can't do chic on a budget? 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You've said "I will!" Now how do you go about saying "I do"?

How does one begin to select a wedding officiant anyway? It's so confusing!!! There are ministers, pastors, clerks, rabbis, justices of the peace; officiants who do you choose? Remember your wedding ceremony is much more than  "just" a ceremony and whom you choose to perform it will set the tone.

If you have decided to have a wedding ceremony that’s not traditional, you may feel overwhelmed by all the choices that exist; not only what vows to include in the ceremony but who will be performing it.

We are here to simplify things for you.

The first question to ask yourself is what type of ceremony do you want to have? This is an important factor when choosing the officiant to perform your ceremony.  The next thing to keep in mind is finding an officiant who will be open to your ideas. Choosing wisely will make it much more likely that your collaboration will create a meaningful expression of your personality and love.

There are several different types of wedding ceremonies you can choose from:

SPIRITUAL CEREMONY - a spiritual ceremony is an inspirational ceremony that is beautiful and sacred. It is a Divine ceremony, which is universal in content and is not based on any particular religion.

INTERFAITH CEREMONY - an interfaith ceremony or interdenominational is a combination or blend of religions ranging from only some religion to being entirely religious. Interfaith is in essence a respect for and an acknowledgement of all of the many different religious beliefs and spiritual understandings. It is an embracing of the values and traditions of all religious and spiritual paths.

CIVIL CEREMONY - a civil ceremony is a non-religious ceremony. It does not contain religion in the ceremony or prayers. Although it is not religious, it is not lacking of meaning or love. A couple can choose to include an invocation or poem that can be just as meaningful to them as a prayer is to a religious person. This ceremony is also known as a city hall, notary, JP or Justice of the Peace ceremony.

NON-DENOMINATIONAL CEREMONY - a non-denominational ceremony is a ceremony that is not of a particular denomination. In today’s evolving society, interfaith marriages have become very common. Non-denominational ceremonies are also quite popular because they too serve the purpose for the bride and groom who are of different religious backgrounds. In these types of weddings, the wedding officiant can creatively bring in prayers and/or customs that are not offensive to either side.

Your wedding day and ceremony is a magical time so choose an officiant that will focus their energy and efforts to create the perfect ceremony that is a reflection of you as a couple. If this is achieved, then your ceremony will be one that will be remembered and treasured forever!

We are all licensed wedding officiants here at Weddings InStyle and our services are included in all our packages, which simplifies the process for you. If you are looking to hire a wedding officiant for an offsite wedding and we are not available, not to worry - we have SEVERAL wonderful officiants that we highly recommend.

We look forward to meeting you and perhaps one day marrying you InStyle!