Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentine's Day - 1 Month Away

Valentine's Day is a month away tomorrow. It is touted to be " THE" most romantic day of the year, I'm not sure about "that" statement because we believe love is ALWAYS InStyle any of the other 364 days ... However, that being said we know for sure is getting reservations at your favourite restaurant for dinner will prove to be a challenge unless you aren't thinking in advance. 

We at Balance InStyle, our personal Concierge company use a little tool called "Open TableIt's our newest "can't live without it" tool.   The reason is simple. Restaurants' reservation inventory shifts on a regular basis due to changes and cancellations. Ironically, the premium reservation times are often the ones to change. With an Open Table App, you can check and re-check availability several times a day, wherever you are. It's also a great tool for last minute reservations - like for those of you who completely forget to make a reservations on Feb 14th let's say...

In my recent experience using this app, I was originally unable to find availability at one of the city's new hot spots. Deciding to "wing it" about 30 minutes before we wanted to dine, I snagged a prime reservation that wasn't available the many times I tried previously.

Another neat feature is Open Table's "Special Requests to the Maitre D'" section.  Try it next time you book your reservation for a little extra love from your hosts for the evening. Yes, the restaurants read the comments, and I love to use this space to send compliments and express how much my clients are looking forward to dining at their restaurant. Set yourself apart by establishing a profile as being a fan. No one wants to disappoint a fan! 

Given that Valentine's Day is one of the biggest restaurant nights of the year and you've got to get romance right if you have a special someone in your life.  Book in advance!  Why not try the Maitre D section - you can EVEN order flowers to the table from this section!!  No worries, we won't tell anyone we guided you! Hey listen, even Cupid has helpers!!! ( consider us one of them!)

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