Friday, January 14, 2011

Weddings InStyle offers more than just wedding vows ...

Alexandre Singh pulled off the surprise of the century  by sweeping his then girlfriend, Catherine Letendre off her feet, all the way to Nassau, Bahamas and proposed right off the plane; she said yes.

Alexandre and Catherine had been together for seven years, most of which he traveled home from the States (where he works) on weekends to see her. They had always talked about eloping one day, in a private setting on a beach somewhere… but Catherine had no idea what Alexandre had up his sleeve this winter. The question for him was how to execute? Where to begin? How do you pull off a surprise wedding in the Bahamas when you’re residing in Ottawa? Well the answer was simple- call Weddings InStyle!

"It all started with an idea I had for a romantic wedding in the Bahamas,” Alexandre recalls. “After a few days of struggling on my own, I knew it would be hard to pull it off without help. I was a little overwhelmed withthe task at hand and I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it happen.”

After contacting Weddings InStyle, Alexandre explains, he knew it was in good hands and they could take his idea and turn it into reality. “They took care of everything,” he adds, “from researching all of the legalities, finding an officiant, to taking care of all scheduling and payments setup.” Not only did Weddings InStyle take care of the particulars, organizing and production, they ensured that it was still on track to the ‘dream wedding’ he was inspired to have for Catherine. “They listened to what I wanted and respected my budget,” Alexandre said. They also provided great insight and feedback on little details that I would have overlooked.”

From the flight to the floral arrangements to the wedding dresses, Weddings InStyle handled it all. They even bought two wedding dresses and had a seamstress in the Bahamas on stand by for any last minute alterations.

We wanted to give her choices, so we went with two different dresses that were shipped to the Bahamas so she could then pick one for herself. This way, Catherine could feel part of the decision making for her destination, surprise wedding. We also gave her choices for her flower arrangements upon arrival.

“They made the whole experience feel like I was working with a friend and someone who had my best interest at heart,” said Alexandre. “The end result was better than what I could’ve imagined. I think they may have even made sure that the sun would be out in time for the ceremony! 

"Thank you ladies for all your help and making me look like one of the most romantic guys in Ottawa."

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