Friday, July 15, 2011

Wedding Favors

Summer is here and who can't use an extra pair of flip flops?
We know, we know: we are seeing this trend everywhere. But, bear with us, because they’re a really good idea.

Obviously, you want your friends and family to hit the dance floor and dance the night away? after all that is why you either hired a great DJ, trendy band or spend hours making your own special playlists, right? If you want your guests to really bust a move, its best to make sure that they are comfortable to do so. Most ladies feet start to expire in higher heels close to the 3-4 hour mark especially when standing.
Give your guests a good excuse to kick off their shoes, and party with you. And remember, everyone can always use an extra pair of flip flops! 

Here's how you can do it inexpensively. 
Go to your local dollar stores or Old Navy ( they have summer sales on now )and get a whack of  flip flops. To make them look as sweet as the sentiment, get some cute burlap baskets for easy access. Go to Michael's or Winners and buy some complimentary frames and write something sassy and creative like:
If your feet get tired and sore, grab a pair and dance some more!
 Happy Dancing!!

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