Monday, July 25, 2011

CIty Hall Wedding vs Weddings InStyle

  • Weddings InStyle is nestled in the historic Byward Market in downtown Ottawa. Old-world charm meets modern amenities. Your guests will be surrounded with natural sunlight, exposed brick, hardwood floors, and a very New York Loft feel.  City Hall – well its City Hall.

Wedding Decor - Flags
  • Our Wedding Chapel is pre-decorated, private and intimate. We are the opposite of City Hall, so imagine, chic, elegance, style and exchanging vows by candlelight. City Hall does not permit wedding décor or candles and let’s face it – everyone looks better by candlelit!

  • We are available to perform private ceremonies onsite 7 days week by appointment. City Hall only offers Monday to Friday, between 9-4 Friday evenings, between 5-7 and Saturday afternoons between 1-3. It works on a first come first serve basis and you must wait in the common area where people come to apply for permits and pay parking tickets.
  • We offer the ability write your own vows or choose from a variety of traditional vows you feel best reflects you as a couple and this is something that we would be honored to help you with. City Hall does not offer custom vows and uses clinical words such as “The province of Ontario” in your vows.
  • We can accommodate 100 people comfortably. Where City Hall has a 7 person maximum restriction.
  • We can provide two witnesses if you want to truly elope and surprise your friends and family. City Hall do not provide witnesses.
  • We offer multi-lingual ceremonies where as City Hall only offers English and French
  • We offer full service weddings including food, bar, wedding planning and coordination services. City Hall does not permit food and alcohol onsite and are not allowed to make recommendations to other local businesses – I know! Strange?!
  • Weddings InStyle can be booked for as long as you wish if you would like to have a cocktail reception or formal dinner following your ceremony. City Hall has a maximum time allowance of 30 minutes. 

  • …. And the number one reason why Weddings InStyle is better than City Hall is that we have a beautiful brides room onsite where our couples can get ready and make their grand entrance to their music of choice. Your only option at City Hall is the public bathroom and you have to forgo the grand entrance as you must wait together on the main level and music is not an option.

Let City Hall take care of your taxes, NOT your weddings! Pass it on!


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