Thursday, November 4, 2010

We have the power VESTED in US to MARRY you!

Are you looking for a Civil or Spiritual wedding? If so, Weddings InStyle is the ideal spot for you. We are Ottawa’s chic alternative to a city hall wedding. Both of us here at Weddings InStyle are licensed Officiants. We are licensed to perform marriage ceremonies by the Register General of the Province of Ontario. All of our Officiants are licensed and understand the importance of making your ceremony a memorable one. Rest assured, if you are looking for a male officiant, you know the older distinguished gentleman that you, or your parents might have envisioned performing your ceremony, not to worry, we work with a lot of great officiants and assure you that we can find you that perfect person! We meet with all our couples and get a feel for their  personalities and match accordingly.

We are able to perform:
Civil Ceremonies
Religious Ceremonies
Spiritual Ceremonies
Interfaith/Interspiritual Ceremonies
Same Sex Marriage
Renewal of Vows

You also have the ability write your own vows or choose from a variety of traditional vows you feel best reflects you as a couple. So the popular question is … how long is the ceremony? Are you ready for it??? A typical ceremony lasts about 12 minutes. It’s true, it really does flash before your eyes. So savor it, take the time, maybe consider writing your own vows, (don’t worry we can help you remember your lines) ENJOY the short 12 minutes where all eyes are on you. No pressure. :)We LOVE being a part of this journey and it is an honor to be able to join our couples in holy matrimony.
For more information about us visit our website or make an appointment and come get inspired in person!We look forward to meeting you and marrying you … InStyle! 

Amanda & Jillienne

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