Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Engagement ring. ✔ Fiancé. ✔ Venue ????

You have found “the one” that you want to spend Happily Ever After with … now what?

It’s time to decide what kind of wedding you want. Breakfast or Brunch, Afternoon Tea, Champagne & Cake, Sips & Bites or a dinner reception.

Champagne & Cakes is probably the least expensive type of reception, and is what was once the norm for most weddings. Everyone gathering post vows for a bit of cake and a few toasts. If you go this route we suggest that you put on your invitation "Champagne & Cake to follow" so that guests will know there isn't a meal - always best to manage expectations.

If you are opting for more of an affair; here are some things to consider when selecting your perfect wedding venue.

Weddings/Events InStyle

If the ceremony and reception are in two different locations:
  • What is the distance?
  • Will there be traffic?

  • Transportation: how will people be arriving? How will you get there? Will you keep your guests waiting and if so what is your plan so to entertain your guests and start the party off right?
  • For out of town guests, are there hotels nearby?
  • What are the refund policies if any?
  • Parking
  • Restroom accessibility
  • Gratitude’s and taxes
  • Is there Bride/Groom Room so you can escape if you need to?
  • Do they offer Turn Key Services – They will decorate for you?
  • Is there an on site Wedding Planner & Day of Coordinator?
  • Do you see yourself planning the wedding day of your dreams with this person, as you will be tightly connected until the day after your wedding.
  • What near by locations are there for pictures?
  • Does the venue allow candles? 
  • Does your venue have a variety of reputable vendors that they work with and can recommend to you? Are you allowed to bring your own vendors?

  • Does the venue come with a sound system? 
  • How is the lighting? A crucial question as no one wants to celebrate in a dark room. 
  • Is the room beautiful or do you need to spend extra money covering up the walls?

  • Is there a back up plan in case of rain?
  • Do you need a permit?
  • How is the sound system? Will everyone be able to hear the ceremony/speeches?

Food and Drink
  • Do they offer a variety of Caters?
  • Can they accommodate special meals? Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian? All your favourites like midnight Poutine Bars and Sushi?
  • Can you do your own signature drinks?
  • Are there minimums you need to reach for food/drink?
  • Does the wedding venue allow you to supply your own cake/desserts?
  • Is there a Cake Cutting fee?
Just a few things to consider as you set out on your hunt for the perfect venue. 
We at Weddings InStyle wish you best of luck with your search, and with all the planning for your upcoming wedding.
Until next time!

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